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Furry Classified/Personal Ads

Are you a fur/were/therian/otherkin? Do you seek to buy/sell/trade/plug/give/find/meet something or someone? Then place an ad here! This is an open, semi-moderated community where almost anything goes (including general chat), and even non-members may post, BUT please keep it clean and mature, folks (no vulgarity allowed and keep any yiffy ads behind LJ-cuts or make your post members-only). Also, don't spam the place with repeated ads or quizzes and such that don't really belong here. Please realize that I am NOT responsible for any foul play, bad deals, misadvertising or anything else that goes amiss here, though I will immediately delete offensive posts and ban trolls. Thanks for participating! :) (Moderated by: swandog; co-moderated by: cnipur.)

BTW, be sure to check out the other furry classified communities: furry_connect, fursuitauctions, furbid, furbuy, teenycom and artsales! :)
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